AAnatomies, July 1 - 11 2K15
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The Architectural Association School of Architecture, one of the world’s most respected and ambitious pedagogical laboratories for architectural design and spatial research, offer a 10 day international visiting programme in Paris since 2010.
The course is an intensive studio-based programme that requires full-time participation.
An AA certificate will be awarded upon completion of this ten-day programme.

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doesn’t matter how it is structured!

We all attend a cultural appropriation and reappopriation that has become affordable through social media and internet, as a natural consequence to globalization.
From high street giants to make up artists, connaisseurs, fashion critics, and collaborations with architects, Fashion Industry channels this phenomenon with a single click on an image as a take away to hybrid itineraries and inexistent worlds.

AAtelier first summer agenda, AAnatomies will exacerbate the current Eastern and Western societies’ image flow plethora, challenging established dictates of newness, aesthetics and perception - from a housewife environment to Usain Bolt performances , seeking to generate a massive self-awareness by taking upon social media (facebook, instagram and tumblr mainly) #aatelier #aavs.

Spreading a new cultural vibe and hype breed to the Fast Fashion propaganda, AAtelier Summer 2K15 will address, reassess and produce within 5 different units in a common ground to digital authenticity, makeup, skins and textile transgressions, bespoke 3D garment production, zero weight clothing, and more.'


contact AAtelier
in Paris
Jorge Ayala, Director
+33 660 91 34 80

in London
Andrea Ghaddar, Coordinator
+44 20 7887 4000